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    15 May, 2015

    Wael Amin Sawari Ventures Partner featured in Forbes magazine

    "Wael Amin of Egypt spent 20 years building information technology company ITWorx into one of the most influential IT companies in the Middle East. Then he, too, made the jump to venture capital. He joined Cairo, Egypt-based Sawari Ventures early this year, and remains non-executive chairman of ITWorx.  Sawari Ventures is in the process of raising $50 million, and has been providing seed funding to companies in a Cairo incubator. Six of the companies from the incubator accounted for 25% of the U.S. patents coming out of Egypt last year, says Amin. 

    Sawari Venture is the only private venture capital firm in Egypt, says Amin. The firm is looking to invest across the region, and has a particular interest in Tunisia and Morocco." Read more