Sawari Ventures launches Fund I Impact Report

We are thrilled to announce our Fund I Impact Report! Since the inception of Sawari Ventures, our mission has been to invest in and support exceptional companies and founders that not only generate returns for their shareholders but also have a positive impact on their wider ecosystems and the communities they serve.

Throughout the investment period of Sawari Ventures Fund I, we have seen the power of our conviction in practice. We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our team and portfolio companies over the past five years. We have celebrated the success of our portfolio’s first exits, witnessed the emergence of companies that are addressing local needs, and observed founders creating groundbreaking technologies that will shape industries for years to come.

As the investment period of our inaugural fund concluded, we are starting to see the full picture of the significant impact generated by our portfolio. These companies have not only disrupted industries but also contributed to financial inclusion, created economic opportunities for marginalized groups, and provided access to critical services. They have also generated much-needed jobs, championed diversity in the workforce, and put Egypt on the global map in innovative industries. One of the greatest joys of our work has been collaborating with a group of exceptional founders who share our vision. Together, we believe that solving critical challenges and achieving commercial success are not mutually exclusive goals.

Our belief remains strong that pairing the best available talent with smart capital is the most effective way to enable transformative businesses. With decades of experience and an extensive regional network, we are committed to upholding our core values of excellence, innovation, value-add, good governance, and responsible investment.

The Fund I Impact Report aims to provide an overview of our vision and approach when it comes to ESG/Impact, as well as the impact our portfolio has had on various stakeholders, including communities, the environment, and society at large. It also highlights our commitment to responsible and sustainable investment by showcasing our approach to ESG and Impact in the investment decision-making process and throughout the investment lifecycle.

We hope that this report will be useful and insightful for those interested in our work. As we embark on the launch of the Sawari Ventures Fund II, we are excited to continue on this path. Our investment thesis is rooted in the transformative power of the entrepreneurial spirit, the capacity of technology to facilitate innovation, and our commitment to leaving a lasting impact on the business environment and ecosystems in which we operate. You can access the full report on our website here.